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Stoneclan attacked Waterclan two moons ago. They attacked on Waterclan's territory because the Greenleaf heat has driven all their prey away. Waterclan was able to drive them off, but both clans suffered injuries.


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Important notices:

1. There will be activity checks once or twice a month, you will be notified before this happens. You will need to respond to make sure your cat does not get deleated.

2. Here are some helpful hints to help you out: Twoleg means human, New leaf meas spring.


 Waterclan: Waterstar Fireclan: Flamestar

Whetherclan: Whetherstar Stoneclan: Stonestar

Iceclan: Icestar  Boneclan: Savage Rogues: Smoke

Tribe Of Swooping Hawk: Watcher of Hunting Hawk( Hawk watcher)

Kittypets: Clarice Loners: Charlie Jaguarclan: Emberstar

Cougarclan: Sharpstar Patherclan: Poppystar

Medicine cats:

Waterclan: Sunstripe   Fireclan: Sandstone   Whetherclan: Silverclaw

Stoneclan: Thunderpelt   Iceclan: Willowfoot  Boneclan: Sharpclaw   

Tribe of Swooping Hawk: Hawk Watcher  Rogues: Wheat   

Kittypets: Berry  Loners: Thorn   Jaguarclan: Thistletail

 Cougarclan: Twinefur   Pantherclan: Hollyfoot


The Ancients have come to Scartallon and Hawkbreath, cats of the Forest of Secrets who have secrets of their own. The told the cats there would be four hunters and four saviours. The eight cats will travel to far away place and the fate of all the cats who have ever existed, will exist, or aree existing right now will rest in their paws. Scartallon has to hunt a new cat, Hawkbreath has to hunt, or find, a wounded cat that is either wunded in heart, mind, or body. Willowfoot has to find a pampered cat, and Sandbreath has to find a cat that will prove himself over and over again. The new cat is Mudfire, the pampered cat is Lyra, and the other two cats are still unknown.

Cat Of The Month:

This is the section of the website where we list the cat of the month. In order to be cat of the month, you must ; be on the site regularly, not break any rules, help others out, and be a member.

This month's cat of the month is:


Gingerheart is co owner of this site. She's helpful, never breaks rules,and very loyal to her curent clan. Gingerheart is currently a warrior of Waterclan. She was mentored by Mudfire. Her curent apprentice is Mosspaw. She would like to say "Waterclan triumps over evil!" She is cat of the month for July.

June's cat of the month: Mudfire

Website of the month:

Each month I will name a rival website, Website of the Month. The website of the month is just a website that I like and think is cool.

July's Website of the month is:


Warrior kittiez is a warriors role play site all about Skyclan. It's fun, safe, and I'm the deputy! So join and have fun!


Helpful hints:

~If you don't read the warriors books you may not be familiar with some of the terminology used on this site. To find a translator for cat speak go to www.warriorcats.com

~ The curent season is Greenleaf

~There are four main clans; Waterclan, Fireclan, Weatherclan, Stoneclan.

~You may not understand a lot of the words I say(Type). If this is so, go to www.dictionary.com It's an online dictionary.

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