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Welcome to Waterclan! This is the page of the Website where you can chat with members of Waterclan, meet the members, visit the Medicine cat den, and talk to the leader. Have  fun!

Notice! Mudfire, Sunstripe, and Gingerheat say that if you want, you can role play some of their cats. Let them know if you want to!


Meet the members of Waterclan.

Leader: Waterstar  Wise, old, tom. Legend has it that he was once a member of Stoneclan. But no one is sure because he keeps his past  secret. Role played by Mudfire.

Deputy: Mudfire Young warrior. She has the determination of all of Moonclan. Would give her clan her life if it was neccesary. Mates with Rainfur. She is also a queen. Role Played by Mudfire.

Medicine cat: Sunstripe Wise she-cat. Sunstripe is the serrious type. She cares much for her clan and is looking for an apprentice. Role played by Sunstripe.

Medicine cat apprentice: Rainpaw(Rainclaw) Rainpaw is a she-cat who loves adventures in the forest. Although she may seem like she;d rather train to be a warrior, she couldn't be happier as a medicine cat apprentice. She is very smart when it comes to hearbs, and medicine cat remidies. Role played by Rainclaw.


Wildpelt:  Wild she-cat that was once a rogue. Is very free-spirited and happy. A great hunter. Role played by Mudfire.

Rainfur:  Serrious tom. He is a great fighter. When he was a kit he loved the rain wich is how he got thename Rainfur. Mates with Mudfire. Role Played by Mudfire.

Gingerheart: Lively ginger, brown, white, and black she-cat. Loves the forest and everything in it, would never consider leaving Waterclan, ever. Role played by Gingerheart & Mudfire.

Longtooth: Longtooth is an interesting Tom. He's ways are a little bit 'out there'. Some even say that he has the markings of an evil cat. He longs to be deputy. He had an apprentice once, but he died when a fox attacked him, or so Longtooth says...


Hawkpaw( Hawkfire): Fluffy grey tom. He can be a bit disobediant at times, and has a small problem with the warrior code. Loves to play, and enjoys spending time with other clans. Mentored by Mudfire. Role Played by GIRDER TRUSS.

Mosspaw( Mossface): Very small she-cat. she is well mannered and obediant. Very, very willing to learn. Wants to be the best Warrior out there. Mentored by Gingerheart. Role played by Rainclaw.


Tigerflower: Mellow she-cat who was once a kitty pet. She had two kits, but one died from green cough. Her kits are Spottedkit and Lilykit. Spottedkit died. Role played by Mudfire.

Roseheart: Roseheart is a she-cat who's kits are all in Moonclan. They were killed by a fox when they were only a moon old. Their names were Icekit, Stormkit, and Thunderkit. She choses to stay in the nursery and help he other Queens. Role played by Mudfire.

Mudfire Young warrior. She has the determination of all of Moonclan. Would give her clan her life if it was neccesary. Mates with Rainfur. She is also deputy. She has three kits; Dustkit, Blossomkit, and Beetlekit. Role Played by Mudfire.


Lilykit: Lilykit is a small she-kit. She very timid, yet brave. She was named for her mother's favorite flower. Role played by Gingerheart.

Dustkit: Friendly she-kit who loves life. She is playful and loves chasing things; leaves, bugs, and her tail. She is very attached to her mother, Mudfire. Role played by Mudfire.

Blossomkit:  A playful, loveable she-kit. She is very independent and spunky. She is a great hunter. Even though she isn't allowd out of camp, she goes out any ways. She is very mysterious, and even though she is just a kit, she already has many secrets. Her mother is Mudfire. Role played by Mudfire.

Beetlekit: Brave, daring, tom. Beetlekit, is just like his father Rainfur. He loves to hear stories of the big cats from the elders. When he grows older, he will become a very wise, all-knowing tom. His mother is Mudfire. Role played by Mudfire.

Stormkit: Stormkit is a mysterious kit that was found in the forest. He smells like no clan, and he remembers nothing about his past. He has a small scar across his left eye. He looks up to Longtooth, and Stormkit is one of the few cats that Longtooth actually likes. Mudfire raises the kit like her own. Role played by Mudfire.


Coldfoot: Grouchy, old, tom. He Roseheart's father. His name used to be Tanfire, but when he got older he always complained about the cold. So when he became an elder his name changed to Coldfoot. Role played by GIRDER TRUSS.

Leader's Den:

Welcome to Waterstar's den, come in. Do you have a problem? Tell me all about it. If I'm not here, go see Mudfire or Sunstripe.


Medicine Cat's Den:

Sunstripe welcomes you warmly to her den. She loves visitors. Sunstripe is looking for an apprentice. She is busy caring for sick cats right now, so she can't chat. But if you stay around a while, she might have some free time.




Come in, come in! Rest your paws for a while. You look tired after a long day of patrols and traing. Come lie down in the warriors den and share tounges(Talk, and groom each other).




Hey, what's up? Welcome to the apprentice den. This is where you can come after a day of fun and battle training. Rest up! Your needed for tomorror's patrol.




Have you come to see the new Waterclan kits? Great! But be quiet, the kits are sleeping. And becarful, it's hard to see in here since the light needs to be kept out for the kits.




Are you here to hear a story? We can tell you all about the great Pantherclan. And maybe you can get an apprentice to bring us some Mouse bile? The ticks are really biting today.



Camp Clearing:

Oh good, you brought fresh kill! Put it on the pile over there. Hush, someone's coming through the tunnel, oh it's just an apprentice. Well thanks for the prey, go rest now.



Outside the camp:

Look, a mouse! Welcome to Waterclan terriotory. Becareful patrolling the borders, Stoneclan has been attacking lately. Well, happy hunting!



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