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Welcome to the Request Page!

     This is the section of the website where you can, complain about something, request something, compliment something, and get help.



     Do you have a complaint? If so chat about it and/or comment here. You can also message me and email me warriorcatclansoftheforest@yahoo.com 



Remember, someone is always on watching these chats, so remember to follow the rules! And please! Stay on the main chat, not the Freewebs chat. If I find that these chats re a problem, they will be removed.




Do you have a request? Start a chat, or place a comment here. Or you can message me. You can also e-mail me at warriorcatclansoftheforest@yahoo.com 


Want to compliment someone's picture, profile, this site? You can do that here.



Do you need help on something? Ask us, or anyone else here.


Rules for Requests page:

This page is to be used for complaints, requests, compliments, and help only. You may not use it to just chat. If you have any other questions you may message me (Mudfire) or email me at warriorcatclansoftheforest@yahoo.com .

Other Sites list:

If you would like your site to be on my other sites list, put your site here. This is not for advertising!!!! I don't care what your site is, just put the name of it here.

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