Welcome to Warrior Cat Clans of The Forest!


  Please read the rules before you join. Thank you.

    Please fill out the form below, then move on to the next step. In the comments part of the form, put the things that you put in step two of the email( have no clue what i'm talkin about, scroll down).


Registration! part two:

Incase for some reason the form does not go through, you need to also follow the following steps.

1.Send me an E-mail to warriorcatclansoftheforet@yahoo.com

2. In the E-mail please incude the following: Your account name, your password, a description or picture of your cat(s), if you are a girl or boy, your prefered clan, if you want to be a warrior or a medicine cat, your age(please don't lie, I don't care how old you are, you can still join the site), your email( don't worry you won't get spam), if you want other people to see your email, the name of your cat(s) (all of your cat's don't have to be in the same clan, and if you are a girl, you can still have a boy cat), any other useful info.


Registration! part 3

You also need to click the register button in the top right hand corner of this page.

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