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Hey, everyone, I just wanted to say, thanks so much for joining, veiwing, or even considering to join my site! I pu a lot of hard work into it, and I realy appreciate it! Also, I would like to thank Erin Hunter for writing the fantastic Warriors serres! Keep writing guys, and if you are reading this, you've been a big inspiration, thanks! Lastly, I would like to thank www.freewebs.com for allowing me to make this awesome website, for free! So, thanks so much everyone!


Hey everyone! This is my page! On this page you will find my thanks to all of you, book ratings, and just a multitude of other stuff.

Book ratings:

Have you ever wondered what some one else thinks of your favorite book? Well I'll tell you what I think here! I'll read a book, and give my opinion here. Want me to read a certain book? Let me know, and I'll probally read it.

The Sight, by David Clement-Davies. The Sight is one of the best books I ever read. It is the perfect read for a warrior-loving young adult. It had plenty of suspense, and a plot that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. It is a heart breaking story about a family of wolves torn apart by a horrible prophecy, and a thing called the sight. I definatly recomend it! Five out of Five stars.

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. A clasic vampire novel, with a twist. A pretty good read, full of action, hidden truths, and much more. If your a lover of gore, you prbally wouldn't be that interested in this book. It's pretty low key for a vampire story, but definatly a young adult book. I'd recomend it to some, but I didn't get that excited about this book. Three and a half stars out of five.

The Cirque Du Freak Series, by Darren Shan. Wow! What a series! If you're into vampires, definatly read these books. It's a series of twelve books altogether, and each one is better than the last. Whe I finished one, I was hungrey for more. The last book wasa bit of a disapointment though. I wont tell you why, I'll let you find that out for yourself. If you have a faint stomach, and you don't particularly like gore, these books aren't for you. I suggest you go pick up a copy of Cirque Du Freak today. Four and a half stars out of five.

The Day My Butt Went Psycho, by Andy Griffiths. Although it may say based on a true story, this book is as from from that as can be. When evil Butts threaten to take over the world, only one boy can stop them. This outragously funnyand imature story is a fun short read for any time. I definatly recomend it. Four out of five stars.

The Next book I will be reviewing is Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke.

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