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This is the Gatherings page. It is where you will come every full moon if you are chosen to come to gatherings. It is also where you will come if you need to speak with Moonclan.

Gatherings and Medicine Cat Meetings:

If you are a leader every full moon you need to chose several cats from your clan to come with you to a gathering where the four clans meet in peace. If you are a medicine cat then every half moon you and your apprentice willbmeet with the other medicine cats, and medicine cat apprentices to journy to th Sun Crystal where you will speak with Moonclan. If you are in Iceclan, big cats, loners, rogues, kittypets, or the Tribe you do not take part in the activities with the four main clans, you have a sparate area. Gatherings and Medicine cat meetings will last for about two days.

Meeting times:

 Here are the dates of the Gatherings this year: 

January 10

February 9

March 10

April 9

May 8

June 7

July 7

August 5

September 4

October 4

November 2

December 2

December 31(Blue Moon)

Here are the dates of the Medicine cat meetings:

January 4

January 17

February 2

February 16

March 4

March 18

April 2

April 17

May 1

May 17

May 30

June 15

June 29

July 15

July 28

August 13

August 27

September 11

September 25

October 11


November 9

November 24

December 8

December 24

If you are a Forest of Secrets cat or supporter you will meet on the night of a no moon:

January 26

February 24

March 26

April 24

May 24

June 22

July 21

August 20

September 18

October 18

November 16

December 16

Moon phases:


Just a note: The cats who are not in th four main clans will still have their meetings on the same dates.


On the day of the gathering all of the clans meet together at the hollow. The ground is sandy and it is surrounded by huge trees and large bushes. A very large boulder juts out in the center of the hollow. That is where the leaders stand when they adress the clans who are clustered around the front of it. When the moon is covered with clouds that means Moonclan is angery, nd there will be no gathering, or the gathering will not continue. The gathering hollow is also a place fo cats with forbiden love to meet.



Medicine Cat Meetings:

All of the medicine cats and their apprentices will meet at te gathering hollow. The they will journy to the cave just outside of Waterclan's territory. There, they will go inside the cave to the Sun Crysta. The Sun Cyrstal is a huge glimering crystal that lights up at Sun High when the sun comes through a hole in the roof of the cave and lands on The Sun Crystal. When the crystal lights up the cats go over to it and place their noses on the surface. Then they fall asleep and speak with Moonclan.


Forest of Secrets Meetings:

Cats of The Forest Of Secrets and those cats who are evil and support the Forest meet when there is no moon in the sky. They go to a place in the living world called The Dark Swamp which is just outside of Stoneclan's terriotory. It is a secret thing and they go there to discuss evil things.



Other Cats:

The other cats meeting places will be on their pages.

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