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This is the clans page. On this page you will find everything you need to know about each of the clans, tribes, rouges, ancestors, big cats, kitty pets, and loners!


     Wellcome to Waterclan! Waterclan is a peaceful Forest clan, well at least they want to be peaceful. It seems they are always in some sort of battle with Stoneclan. They, like the three other clans of the forest, were created when the ancient warrior ancestors said that there had to be less fighting and less bloodshed in the forest, or all would be lost. The cats agreed and three leaders were born, Waterstar of Waterclan, Flamestar of Fireclan, Weatherstar of Weatherclan, and Stonestar of Stoneclan.

     Waterclan shares a border with Fireclan, Stoneclan, and Weatherclan so they must be constantly alert. They eat small woodland creatures and fish. There is a small river running through their territory and they are the closest to the Sun Cyrstal.

<----- This is Waterclan.


Fireclan is currently the smallest clan. They are pure hearted, and will help (almost) any cat in need. Fireclan and Waterclan have joined forces for a moon now to try and stop the frequent raids from Stoneclan. Fireclan has no deputy or Medicine cat apprentice. They are in great need of both.  Fireclan's territory is full of sunlight. They are constantly havung to move camp because of twoleg fires. They are used to it though, and recently they have found a place that seems very well protected from twoleg fires.


Weatherclan is the clan most exposed to the elements. They are coldest in the winter, warmest  the summer, the wettest in the spring, and driest in the fall. Currently Weatherclan has the least amount of warriors and they can be attacked very easily because of lack of protection. Most of their territory is a big open hill where they catch mainly rabitts. They have to worry about threats from twolegs since there is a twoleg place very near by.


Stoneclan is the fiercest, toughest, meanest clan out there. They are extreamly loyal to their leader and wold do anything for him/her. The most Forest of Secrets cats come from Stoneclan. Most cats in Stoneclan have a very large lust for power. Stoneclan gets what they want, when they want it. Stoneclan's territory is very rocky, and it is full of small mice and birds. They eat mice, birds, frogs, and rats. Stoneclan has the most sickness because of the rats they eat.


Iceclan is a lone clan. They were chased from the forest after their territory was taken over by twolegs. They are the smallest group of cats. Even smaller then Fireclan. They live on an island surrounded by water. In the winter, the water freezes and their territory is covered with ice. They eat fish and small woodland creatures.

Big Cats:

There are three clans of big cats. They are; Jaguarclan, Pantherclan, and Cougarclan. They did not live in the same time as the other clans, so they can not communicate ther clans, except in dreams. They speak to The Olds (Which is their Moonclan) through the Starfalls. The Starfalls are a beautiful waterfall that The Olds speak to the big cats through.

This Jaguarclan territory:                                     This is Pantherclan territory:

                        This is Cougarclan territory:

Other Cats:

There are five other groups of cats. They are; The Tribe of Swooping Hawk, Boneclan, Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues.

     The Tribe of Swooping Hawk live in a lush forest mountain range. Their warrior ansectors are known as The Tribe of Everlasting prey. They live a considerable distance away from the other four clans. There are no other Tribes.


     Boneclan is a clan of vicious cats that live in the alleys of twoleg place. They are truly evil anf feared by all clans. They live off the rats and small creatures that live in the alleys. Boneclan is mainly rogues, but cats that have been exiled from their clan also come to live in Boneclan.

     Kitty pets are the cats that live with twolegs. They live a quiet peaceful life in the town. They have simple little names like Berry, Smokey, or Sassy. They usually don't have a care in the world. They eat whatever their housefolk give them, which is usually dry kibble, wet slop, and metalic tasting water. But they don't mind. There are almost never any cat fights in the town.

        Loners are cats that don't live with a clan or twolegs. They are generaly very nice and well manered. They live in barns and grow fat on mice year round. The barns they live in are just outside of the four clan's territories. They are cats that you can trust with just about everything and they are very helpful. Although some prefer to mind their own business.


       Rogues are very hostile cats. Rogues are mainly cats that have been exiled from their own clan. They are also cats from The Forest of Secrets that have come back to torture the living. They eat what they can get and terrorize the other cats. They live in the forest with the clans, by the loners' barns, on the streets of twolegplace, everywhere. They don't find much to eat though, so they surrvive of mainly rats. They are in league with Boneclan and The Forest of Secrets.


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